The Casual Tutor Recruitment System (CTRS) is used to recruit tutors by Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), Faculty of Arts (Arts), Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP), School of Chemistry (Chemistry), School of Mathematics and Statistics (Math and Stats), Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE). It also allows you to access your timetable and class lists once you are employed.

To log into this system, you need to have a CTRS user account. If you do not have one, please click here to create a CTRS user account.

New tutors: Do not use your university staff email to create another CTRS account; you will have the option to link your staff account with the CTRS when you login with your CTRS account credentials. If you have forgotten your CTRS account details, click here to retrieve them.

Please note: If you have not linked the CTRS to your staff account, please use CTRS username to login.

If you are a subject coordinator and need to process applications and/or allocate tutorials to tutors, please click here to go to the CTRS Administrator interface.

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